Monday, February 22, 2010

The Many Faces of Emma!
They say that the first baby gets all the pictures and by the second and third parents stop taking pictures, but I will probably prove them wrong I just love taking pictures and when the subject is this cute how can you resist. Here is just a bunch of random pics of Emma from the last couple months since I have fallen behind.

wow can you believe those eyes? I hope they don't change.

telling me all about her day. :)

tuckered out!

MOM! it's to small!!


yum, yum.


a little too close. really makes those eyes pop!

you mean this one?

love my new chair. Thanks Michelle.

Madras Aquatic Center
Emma really loves the water so we took her to the pool in the neighboring town and she had a blast. She kept trying to drink the water and when she got excited she would splash like a maniac. We went in the lazy river and the fountains and she loved them all.

There so welcoming here.

Im a maniac, maniac!

the next two should be swapped .

Paddle, paddle, paddle
Splish Splash
After one time taking a bath in the deep tub the was no going back to those baby tubs. This girl LOVES the water. She kept sticking her head in it trying to drink it, funny girl! Can't wait to see what happens in the big pool.

Civil War!!

Cutest little beaver ever!!

Watching Emma open presents for the first time was so funny I think she might have actually
liked the wrapping paper more than the gifts watch how he holds it out for all to see! So cute!

use those teeth!!


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
I know these pictures are way late and out of order but I have so much catching up to do I just quickley put them on. I absolutley love Christmas time! I really wish it was all year long I usually start listening to christmas songs in July or August I know crazy right? I love it. Every year since Dave and I met we go cut down our Christmas tree together this year I got the biggest fullest tree ever it took up most of our living room but It was beautiful!

Monday, November 23, 2009

How did I end up here?
Emma is trying to learn to crawl but for now she mostly just rolls around wherever she wants to go. When she tries to crawl she usually get her arms under her and ends up pushing backwards. I was quite suprised the other day when I went into the kitchen for a moment and came back to find a very confused face peering out from under the couch.

I began laughing so hard that she thought she was being pretty funny and started smiling herself.

Crazy kid!!